LIMOUSINe services


Please inform correct airline and flight# if booking for airport pick up and drop off.

New health & safety requirements for riders (COVID-19)
The health and safety of our community is our priority, In an effort to protect our clients and drivers.  Lansky Enterprise is implementing the following safety and cleaning procedures during the COVID-19 to help slow down the spread of the virus.  This procedures are in line with the recommendations and requirements made by CDC and local health officials.  We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and make necessary updates based on official guidance from local and federal health authorities.

  • To maintain social distancing while in the vehicle, we have installed anti-fog full surround plastic cover between the front and rear row. 
  • We clean inside of the car with disinfectant before and after picking up and dropping off any customers. 
  • Anyone boarding the vehicle must wear a mask and keep the mask on while in the vehicle. (except infant under 3 years)  This includes the Driver and all passengers including children.  If you forget to bring a mask, you may purchase a mask from the driver for a nominal fee - Drivers and passengers should be able to cancel rides without penalty if the other party is not wearing a face mask.
  • Temperature measurements must be made with driver before boarding.  Driver will also check his temperature in front of the passengers.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher may not enter the vehicle.  
  • Ask passengers to handle their own personal  bags and belongings,if possible, or for  passengers to provide a minimum of six feet of distance when being assisted by the driver.  Drivers should wash or sanitize their hands  after handling  the passenger’s belongings
  • Hand sanitizer is available inside the vehicle.
  • Windows may be opened for air circulation while driving .